Why Does The Vehicle Struggle To Start In Cold Weather?

Hello, I'm Maria and I've recently moved to a colder climate for my job. I've noticed that my car struggles to start in the cold mornings here. It's a relatively new vehicle, well-maintained and I have never faced this issue before moving to this new place. I'm wondering if the cold weather could be causing this? If so, why does it happen and what can I do to prevent it? It's quite frustrating to deal with this first thing in the morning. Any advice would be really helpful!
Solved By onepageseo

Solved By onepageseo

Hello Maria. Your concern regarding your vehicle struggling to start in cold weather is quite valid. Cold weather affects cars in multiple ways. The oil in your car can thicken in cold temperatures, making it harder for the engine to turn over. Also, your battery power can decrease due to the cold, which could also contribute to the difficulty in starting.

One way to mitigate these issues is to keep your car in a garage if possible, as it can help maintain a higher temperature around your vehicle. Regular servicing of your vehicle, especially before winter sets in, can also ensure that all parts are functioning optimally.


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